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aamraActive: Building the Foundation to Wellness

The First Corporate Boutique Gym in Dhaka

Impactful Leadership and the Revitalization of aamraActive

Nibras Panni has been working in the fitness industry for over two decades now. Nationally recognized and committed to the growth of the fitness industry, Nibras Panni has been serving as the executive director of aamraActive since 2021. She brings a unique blend of corporate etiquette and athletic robustness to the gym scene which makes her the perfect addition to aamraActive.

Rebranding aamraActive as a corporate boutique gym, Miss Panni helped pull aamraActive out of the post-Covid slump that many businesses were facing in 2021. After months of renovation and preparation, aamraActive had gone through a complete transformation with improvements in equipment, training services, customer care and the overall environment of the gym.

With a long term vision for the fitness industry with aamraActive as the catalyst, Nibras Panni aims to change how we view fitness in our everyday lives.

You are what you make yourself to be.

Nibras PanniExecutive Director of aamraActive

aamraActive as a Corporate Boutique Gym

aamraActive prides itself as being the first and only corporate boutique gym in Dhaka. Located in Gulshan, aamraActive has been a friend to the locals for over 7 years now providing a well equipped and impeccably maintained gym. Our goal is to become the best gym in Dhaka while providing top notch services and helping to cultivate a culture of fitness in Dhaka.

aamraActive is a unique gym as it is more of a club for our members. Starting from the moment a member walks in to our premise, throughout their entire workout and uptil they find themselves relaxing on our beautiful balcony, aamraActive becomes an experience for each and every one of our clients.

  • 4-story Building
  • Dedicated Ladies Floor
  • Hygienic Environment

aamraActive at a Glance


Main Gym Floor

Women’s Floor

Cardio Floor


Amenities We Offer

Find everything you need to get into the best shape of your life all under one roof.

Fully Equipped Gym

Personal Training

Diet Plan

Dedicated Ladies Floor

Punching Bag

Modern Facilities


Devoted Admin Team

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House-8, Road-50, Gulshan-2 (Next to Quality Inn Hotel), Dhaka, Bangladesh

T: 01731-003727