9 Reasons Why Women Should Go to The Gym: The Ultimate Guide

Hitting the gym is always popular for people looking to improve fitness, lose fat or weight, strengthen body muscle, remain healthy, boost mood, and numerous other reasons.

However, in urban Bangladesh, many people don’t go to the gym or don’t even think of going there. Especially many local urban women still feel hesitant or avoid hitting the gym.

But knowing the benefits and positives of working out at a gym will help you understand why women should also prioritize hitting gyms.

Below, we present some major reasons why women don’t go to gyms and also explore nine key reasons why women should go to.

Perceived Problems of the Gym – For A Woman

The majority of local women feel a bit uncomfortable or reluctant to hit the gym, primarily for the following reasons:

  1.   Safety: Harassment and lack of self-defense reduce women’s safety, especially in a country like ours.
  1.   Equipment: Unfamiliarity with the gym equipment can make a woman feel lost and uncomfortable asking for guidance, especially if the instructor is male.
  1.   Open Environment: Many women feel uncomfortable working out in front of people, especially if they are male. However, chain training centers like Aamra Active now offer separate workout spaces for women in their centers. You can read below to learn more about its advantage.
  1.   Lack of Confidence: Many women suffer from low self-esteem. This makes them question their fitness abilities. And so they feel apprehensive about being judged by other gym-goers.
  1.   Financial Affordability: Many women find it challenging to afford gym memberships due to high costs. However, Aamra Active offers packages at affordable prices to encourage women to hit gyms and fitness training centers. You can explore the packages here.
  1.   Health Concerns: Some women have health conditions or physical limitations that prevent them from performing certain exercises at a gym. Also, many women may think certain exercises will cause physical problems for them. You can contact the right doctors and trainers in both cases to know the actual scenario.
  1.   Social Anxiety: Local women tend to shy away from interacting with strangers. So, interacting with new people or strangers at the gym can be uncomfortable for many.
  1.   Transport Challenges: Distance to the gym can be a problem for women as managing safe transport to distant places can be cumbersome in Bangladesh.
  1.   Time Constraints: Family priorities and daily home activities can take away your time. So, many local women don’t prioritize hitting the gym.
  1.   Culture or Religion: Many local women avoid exercising if they feel it’s hampering their cultural or religious beliefs, especially for attire and mixing with people of the opposite gender.

Aamra Active believes women can safely and affordably hit gyms by consulting them regarding overcoming barriers to gym attendance.

As mentioned above, one such solution is the Dedicated Ladies’ Floor at Aamra Active Center. Here, you can work out among other women, removing the discomfort and anxiety they may feel toward exercising among men.

You can comfortably change clothes, mix with other ladies, avoid possible instances of harassment, and boost your mood. You will also get female trainers to help you, and you can share your physical and mental difficulties in detail.

So, with this advantage at your expense, don’t you think you should start hitting the gym? We definitely believe “yes.”

Let’s explore some benefits of hitting the gym for a woman:

Reasons to Attend a Gym

If you subscribe for a membership to Aamra Active, you will receive the following besides amazing fitness programs:

  • Fitness Assessment
  • Separate Locker Room
  • Unlimited Fitness Classes
  • Diet & Nutrition Chart
  • And more!

But how would attending a gym improve your life and health?

Following, we discuss nine common and proven benefits you can enjoy by going to a gym and exercising:

Controlled Weight 

Exercise helps you maintain a proper weight by burning calories. This process also boosts your metabolism. Your body checks on weight loss and gain, ensuring good health over many years.

A mix of aerobic exercise with high-intensity training can maximize fat loss and muscle mass maintenance. You can take a look at some of AamraActive’s fitness programs.

Increased Strength

Engaging in regular workouts can boost your energy levels. Your strength will enhance, and you will develop muscle tone over. The process might be slower than in men, but improving muscle strength will make you more productive.

Research has proven that even moderate weight training helps boost a woman’s strength by at least 30%.

Better Sleep

You may sometimes find it hard to fall or stay asleep. This could happen during the daytime as well. Usually, this results from monthly hormonal changes, perimenopausal symptoms, and new motherhood.

Exercising improves sleep duration and quality with deeper sleep patterns. Workouts increase hormone production, making you sleep better. This, in turn, enhances the functionality of your brain. However, we suggest you avoid intense workouts before going to bed at night.

Mental Health

The monthly menstrual cycle women experience plays a key role in their mood, sleep patterns, anxiety, and depression levels.

Physical exercise produces endorphins, the “feel-good” hormones, ensuring relieving you of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Regular exercise fights hormonally-triggered mood swings also.

Healthier Lifespan

Regular Gym exercise expedites the immune system and brain function. Proper blood and oxygen flow to the brain enhances protection against illness and infections through better regenerating damaged cells.

With the right amount of rest and proper workout intensity, you can exercise for your entire life, effectively lowering the risks of various age-related chronic diseases, like diabetes, blood pressure, osteoporosis, liver and kidney diseases, etc.

In order to ensure a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle, it is essential to exercise regularly for long periods. And going to the gym is a great solution for a long, healthy life.

Stronger Memory

Regular physical exercise and training at a gym can stimulate hormone production within the body, ultimately increasing overall hormone levels. Having the right hormone levels help you stay mentally and physically fit.

Scientific studies across the globe have shown that maintaining a stable exercise routine significantly improves the multiplication of brain cells. This effect can help you delay experiencing memory loss in old age and have better retention capacity in later stages of life.

Toned Body

Though we typically associate stronger bodybuilding with men, ladies can also develop better physiques and better-shaped bodies, which is a sign of fitness.

Going to a gym and maintaining routine exercises yield a fitter body and boost self-confidence, encouraging you to be positive about your presence among others.

Better Skin Health

Oxidative stress, or stress related to fluctuating oxygen levels in your body, significantly affects your skin health. Excessive oxidative stress can harm the cells in your body, negatively affecting the health of your skin.

Regularly exercising at moderate levels helps your body produce natural antioxidants at increasing levels, helping protect cells and, eventually, the skin. You can notice that through delayed skin aging, which results from increased blood flow and new skin cell developments.

Tailored Training

Fitness training centers like Aamra Active offer top-quality trainers who analyze and understand your fitness needs and provide you with precise plans. Gym instructors help you execute your fitness goals by advising the right level of intensity and frequency for your workouts.

And, if you attend gyms with Dedicated Ladies’ Floor or spaces, you will be comfortable and motivated to partake in this journey of enhancing your body fitness under the supervision of a female instructor.


Everyone’s fitness journey is different. Especially for women and men, there are contrasting fitness training or exercise styles.

As a woman, you should pick the training that meets your purpose for going to a gym.

There are concerns about going to a gym, as mentioned above. But firstly, you need to consult with a physician or doctor to understand whether you need to work out at all or if any underlying health conditions obstruct your fitness plan.

Then, you can contact centers like Aamra Active for the suitable exercises you can do at a gym. And with their efforts to create a friendly and safe environment, who’s stopping you from hitting gyms like Aamra Active? Let your journey to better health and life begin here!

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