Boost Your Mood and Energy: Exploring the Health Benefits of Aerobic

Have you ever wondered why you feel tired or bored so fast? Do you feel that you are gaining weight because of inactivity and doing desk jobs?

In today’s competitive and workaholic lives, overlooking fitness and mental well-being is common. And these minor negligences that build over time create major long-term health issues. 

However, if you want to break open the cage of lethargy and develop fitness or weight-loss routines, adding aerobic exercises in a gym can boost your mood, energy levels, and overall health. And, of course, weight loss in the long run.

Local gym chains like aamraActive Limited offer an environment-friendly setup where you can visit to try out such activities. 

Below, you will learn about aerobic activities and some significant ways these boost your mood and energy, alongside reducing weight! So let’s dive in!


Defining Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise helps in heart conditioning. Aerobic means “with oxygen.” It refers to how breathing regulates oxygen to your muscles, helping sustain any activity for more than a few minutes as your heart, lungs, and muscles work full-fledged.

In the language of gyms and fitness centers, it is also called cardio. Aerobic exercises require oxygen, while anaerobic exercises are more intense and don’t rely on oxygen flow during a workout.

The following table lists the two types of exercises in commonly classified types:



  • brisk walking
  • running
  • cycling
  • swimming

Basically, the two types differ in the following ways:

  1. How much energy the body uses when working out
  2. How long can you exercise
  3. The level of intensity applied during a workout. 

Generally, aerobic workouts use less of all three mentioned points. But they are done with more sustainability and frequency. 


Aerobic Exercises with Great Benefits

An effective way to lose weight without extraneous effort is through aerobic exercises. These exercises boost heart rate without intense effort, allowing your body to burn calories and fat. 

Environmentally friendly gyms like aamraActive facilitate various options to indulge in aerobic exercises. Globally, two types of aerobic exercises are recommended weekly:

  1. You can try 30 minutes of moderately-intense activities on most days of the week if not all seven days of the week. However, experts recommend 10 to 15-minute batches with two or three repeats per day. For instance, you can exercise 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. 
  2. Or, you can try 20-60 minutes of aerobic workout sessions three to five times per week. But here you have to exercise without breaks, with moderate intensity. The heart rate capacity should be between 60% to 90% of the maximum capacity. 

So, let’s check out some popular and highly recommended aerobic exercises you can include in a gym setting:

Running or Jogging: 

Gyms like aamraActive host equipment that lets you experience these high-impact exercises. Running or jogging via Treadmills helps burn a lot of calories. Treadmill running or jogging is the simplest yet most effective way to burn fat, making them an ideal choice for weight loss. Also, they enhance mood and boost energy in the long run. 



Like outdoor bicycles, stationary bikes at gyms are a fantastic choice to carry out low-to-moderate-intensity exercises tailored to enhance your fitness levels. Besides aiding in shedding weight, it also strengthens your leg muscles, especially your thighs and hips. 


Jumping Rope: 

Jumping rope is another useful aerobic exercise that increases your heart rate and burns calories. It remarkably betters your hand-eye and other bodily coordination. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent option for a quick and convenient workout.


Zumba (Dance) Exercise:

Workouts can go with rhythms as well. They don’t always have to be hard-hitting, painful, and quiet always. 

One such form of aerobic training is Zumba. This workout includes movements derived from numerous Latin American dance styles, where the trainees perform their exercises alongside background music. This globally trendy workout effectively burns calories, tones arms, and shapes muscles.


Some Other Honorable Mentions

Similar to Zumba, some popular aerobic exercises include:

  • Funk-fusion, kickbox, 
  • cardio box
  • hip-hop, 
  • jazz, and 
  • boot camp


Benefits of Aerobic Exercises

So, what are some key benefits you get by doing aerobic exercise? Let’s see:

Increase Your Stamina, Fitness, and Strength

Aerobic exercises improve stamina, fitness, and strength. You gradually build endurance and sustain physical activity longer without getting tired. Your body delivers oxygen and nutrients to your muscles faster and better, and your cardiovascular functions improve efficiently. 

Moreover, aerobic training shapes your muscles, particularly in your legs, core, and upper body, enhancing your physique.


Ward off Viral Illnesses

Regular aerobic exercise at the gym improves your immune system and protects against viral illnesses. Aerobic workouts increase the production of antibodies and immune cells, enhancing the body’s immunity against pathogens. Also, aerobic exercises improve circulation, transporting immune cells throughout your body to neutralize viruses faster and more effectively. 


Reduce Your Health Risks

An inactive lifestyle can increase the risk of various illnesses and health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Exercising at the gym reduces these risks if appropriately maintained. Aerobic exercises burn calories and reduce excess body fat, making you healthy and fitter. These improve insulin sensitivity, regulate blood pressure, and enable healthy cholesterol levels.


Manage Chronic Conditions

Aerobic exercises help regulate chronic conditions like arthritis, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). These exercises help you feel relieved if you have joint pain and stiffness from arthritis. These also improve lung functions and breathing of asthma and COPD patients, enhancing the overall quality of life.


Strengthen Your Heart

A key benefit of aerobic exercises is their impact on cardiovascular health. Routine aerobic workouts boost your heart muscle, enhancing blood throughout the body. A stronger heart means better and more efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients, improving overall heart function.


Keep Your Arteries Clear & Boost Your Mood

Aerobic exercises help reduce the levels of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and increase the levels of “good” cholesterol (HDL) in your bloodstream. Aerobic exercises stimulate appropriate blood flow, lessening heart disease risks and heart attacks.

You can join aamraActive’s Aerobic Classes with Dina to take full advantage of these benefits. Additionally, you get in touch and learn from an expert aerobic trainer!


To Sum Up

Not everyone has the time or strength to participate in highly-intense workouts that yield quick results. But indulging in slower, longer aerobic exercise can help you reduce fat, lose weight, and bolster your mood for extended periods. 

However, you have to maintain these training exercises. And we advise you to go for a mix of low and high-intensity training to improve your body and mind. 

Check aamraActive’s fitness packages and visit our Facebook page to learn in-depth about aerobic training at gyms. 

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