12 Reasons to Exercise & Regular Physical Activity

Do you feel tired, bored, and lost at times? And you don’t even realize why you feel the way you do!

Yes, many of us feel this way, at certain times in the day or week or even in a month. There are some varying reasons for this to happen, but a common reason is lack of exercise.

Yes, you read it right! LACK of EXERCISE!

Our body depends a lot on its metabolism rate. The metabolic (or metabolism rate) represents the number of calories one burns when their body performs basic, daily human functions of breathing, blood circulation, cell production, and nutrition management.


Reasons To Exercise & Regular Physical Activity


#1. Boost Your Productivity 

Exercising helps you reduce fat and lethargy, increasing your productivity. The brain releases the chemicals needed to expedite your work habits. This leads to better concentration, which boosts your energy and productivity. 

For instance, you feel a boost in energy when you are consistent in maintaining your exercise routine. After your daily exercise, you may feel tired. But proper rest gives you the proper metabolism to work more and live more.

Exercise allows you to get fit, feel happy, and digest better. This makes your day beautiful, and you feel motivated to work more.


#2. Manage Your Weight Loss 

Losing calorie leads to weight loss. And there is no better way to lose calories than routine exercise. As per research and experts, at least two and a half hours (150 minutes) of mildly-intense exercise per week can help you lose sufficient calories and weight. These include exercises such as a quick walk, biking, short-timed tennis, or heavy cleaning.

You can also opt for highly-intense weekly exercises, including hiking, jogging, speed biking, and organized sports. These can be for around an hour each day.

Studies show that dieting slows down your metabolic rate, which in turn can slow down the weight loss process. On the other hand, if you exercise daily, it will expedite the weight loss process.


#3. Improve Your Mood & Combat The Depression  

Exercise helps decrease feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress. It enhances your mood, allowing you to fight depressive thoughts and feelings.

Regular physical activities trigger the brain to control stress and anxiety. Exercise can also help increase sensitivity to endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine, hormones that work in tandem to relieve feelings of depression and anxiety.

So, whenever you feel down, tensed, or depressed, start exercising routinely. It will help you combat mood swings and improve your state of mind. But remember to continue the process at a frequent pace. Because taking gaps in your routine might have adverse effects on your health.


#4. It helps To Reduce Stress & Tension 

Stress can be a slow, incremental killer as time goes on. It is caused by the presence of cortisol in the blood. So, it is best to remedy it before it runs out of hand. You may go to the gym or opt for long jogs or walks!

As you exercise, the release of endorphins freshens your mood and helps it become positive. Doing regular exercise will not only keep you healthy but also let you live a happy life!


#5. Improves Self Esteem 

If your mood is good, your health is happy. And nothing can be more rewarding than ensuring a task in whatever you do. 

Self-Esteem is getting ready for the match. Please make sure you exercise regularly. This will help you build confidence and grow your self-esteem.  

A fit body helps you maintain a fresh mind throughout the day. This helps you grow your self-esteem and become more confident in whatever you do. 

For instance, a fit office executive deals and negotiates better with colleagues and clients as compared to a less fit person. The impact of exercise can be seen in their body language and self-depiction.


#6. Reduce The Major Illness 

As exercising is directly related to metabolic rate, it also helps reduce illnesses. If you keep your fitness level intact, serious diseases and illnesses like cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and even respiratory problems can be avoided or kept in check.  

After the recent pandemic, doctors worldwide recommend daily or routine exercises to keep oneself fit, healthy, and immune to corona (besides the safety protocols, of course). Giving a few hours of exercise daily helps your immunity system and helps you defend against unwanted physical complications and diseases.


#7. Support Cardiovascular Health 

Another important benefit you receive from daily physical activities and exercises is a healthy heart. 

The importance of a healthy and strong heart is of paramount importance. You should always ensure your cholesterol levels are kept in check. In addition, keeping blood pressure under control and adequate is highly important for a healthy heart. Routine exercises boost the chances of both of these.

Keeping your stress levels to the lowest point possible is undoubtedly a significant step to a robust, healthy, and immune heart. Thus, to ensure all these and the proper pumping of blood all over your body, exercise daily!


#8. Improves Muscle Endurance and Strengths Bones 

Exercising helps in building and developing strong muscles and bones. Your bones stay strong for a long time, and you also get enduring muscles.

Weightlifting is a great way to build muscles, especially if you back it up with adequate protein intake.

Aged people are more inclined toward injuries as they lose muscle and bone strength. Thus, regular exercises, even shorthand, can help aged people reduce muscle loss and strengthen their bodies at least to some extent.

Also, when you are at a younger age, routine physical activities and fitness training can ensure long-lasting robust bones and muscles that prevent you from facing osteoporosis later in old age. 


#9. Improves Memory 

As constant, routine exercise help brain functions, it helps in maintaining strong memory.

As physical activities increase heart rate, it pumps blood faster to other body parts, including your brain. This feeds into the development of more brain cells, which can significantly help memory improvement.

Aged people who face deteriorating memory can benefit from exercising as it helps them with adequate blood flow to the brain, enhancing their ability to recall and store events.  

Eventually, a healthy brain means a healthy body and stronger memory.


#10. Manages chronic pain 

You might be intrigued to know that exercise can actually help reduce chronic pain, even though physical activities themselves sometimes feel slightly painful. 

Contrary to the previous belief that taking rest is the primary pain relief method, practitioners now recommend routine exercise to mitigate chronic pain. 

Studies indicate that regular exercise helps improve quality of life with the reduction of chronic pain associated with chronic low back pain, fibromyalgia, and chronic soft tissue shoulder disorder, among others.

In fact, you may also be able to bear more pain and avoid the feeling of pain at certain times. If you exercise and get less involved in physical activities regularly, your body becomes lethargic and more in pain.


#11. Improve Your Metabolism Rate 

Maintaining a strong and healthy metabolism rate ensures the longevity of life. As discussed above, daily exercise ensures continued maintenance of body metabolism with the loss of excess calories. With age, our metabolic rate does tend to decrease.

But proper physical activities alleviate the problems faced in old age. Also, regular exercise in old age helps delay expected physical complications and illnesses.

You’ll be amazed to know that, as per a research study by the American Heart Foundation, people may be able to gain 2 more hours for each hour of exercise. Simply put, your lifespan will increase via exercises and physical activities if done in a routine, regular manner.


#12. Transform Your Physique With Confidence 

Regular fitness practice and exercises force you to keep a healthy diet. Thus, your eating habits are maintained well, and you get a good body build.

Besides keeping your body in shape, regular moderate exercise enhances and expedites your body’s production of natural antioxidants, that ensure skin cells are protected. The smooth blood flow triggered by exercising also lets your skin develop cells as needed, delaying aging effects.

With a good, healthy body and robust skin care, you get an attractive physique, which helps in building your confidence.


Final Words

Doing daily exercises and physical activities not only helps you maintain good physical fitness but also helps your mental fitness. Short-hand exercises, weightlifting, jogging, walking, running, pushups, etc. give you the much-needed momentum in maintaining your metabolism rate. And, when your body is happy, you are happy; letting you perform at your level best at work and home.

Experts, practitioners, professionals, and even companies, understand the importance of physical fitness now. So, corporate executives are encouraged to exercise as regularly as possible. As the best gym in Dhaka,  You can avail of their services and enroll for customized health training.

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